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93c46 from ST writing problem 1,821  agrega  09/19/2010 01:58AM 
Last Post by agrega
Using netbooks with VGA adpter to program ISP 1,628  Teeh  09/18/2010 03:24PM 
Last Post by Teeh
ATmega 32 1,675  house.md  09/01/2010 10:30AM 
Last Post by house.md
ATmega644P 2,157  kampriz  08/30/2010 03:14PM 
Last Post by hoteltravelvietnam
Ponygrob conected to usb 2,175  tiroshh2  08/18/2010 08:22AM 
Last Post by tiroshh2
Reset Expired ATmega88 AUcard 1,667  marcryan  08/16/2010 05:20AM 
Last Post by marcryan
Can read MX25L800 but cannot write. 2,361  auberwn  07/23/2010 11:18AM 
Last Post by JProenca
Missing device-unknown device(-24) 2,881  JunRin  07/22/2010 06:48AM 
Last Post by Michael
Partly written 93xx then 'device not responding' 3,309  robotnz  07/09/2010 10:04PM 
Last Post by axel_f
Sporadic bit errors when writing ATMEL 25256 SPI EEPROM 1,347  mark_melvin  07/07/2010 08:01PM 
Last Post by mark_melvin
ATMEGA48A support 1,149  peyro  06/26/2010 01:59PM 
Last Post by avyrez
Can't chose correct com-port 1,337  Haunterr  06/21/2010 10:10PM 
Last Post by Haunterr
Does this new version 2.07 supports ATMega328P? 1,750  arunsekhar666  06/17/2010 11:04AM 
Last Post by arunsekhar666
For some countries sourceforge is blocked.. 1,146  dehqan  06/09/2010 06:45PM 
Last Post by reza_agha
USB support 2,564  ntrf.zns  06/09/2010 06:41PM 
Last Post by reza_agha
PonyProg 2000 Successful write of TSSOP LC46!!!!!! Wheee! 2,656  robotnz  06/07/2010 10:43AM 
Last Post by robotnz
Ponyprog with KMtronic SS_24XX 5,569  robotnz  06/03/2010 04:41AM 
Last Post by robotnz
Ponyprog with atmega328 4,653  jman 31  06/03/2010 12:14AM 
Last Post by glenns
ponyprog2.07c crash on linux Ubuntu 9.04 1,441  c.man  05/30/2010 11:27PM 
Last Post by c.man
Bug found 1,390  Drunya  05/16/2010 04:23PM 
Last Post by Drunya
Programming Attiny88 1,367  gremlin  05/11/2010 09:03AM 
Last Post by gremlin
Attiny4313 1,534  Rabelo  05/11/2010 04:44AM 
Last Post by Rabelo
I²CBus eeprom adapter 1,964  aldea  04/30/2010 02:00PM 
Last Post by aldea
Have other sustem for work whith "pprogram", w/h open all? 1,273  ripgsm  04/06/2010 02:18PM 
Last Post by ripgsm
Welcome to all 1,289  ripgsm  04/06/2010 01:46PM 
Last Post by ripgsm
xerox01 chips what kind of device type is??? 1,855  cdvidaceiba  04/01/2010 03:58PM 
Last Post by cdvidaceiba
samsung clp 300 xerox 6110 1,778  zakben  03/30/2010 05:10PM 
Last Post by zakben
PIC16F877 and Serial Ponyprog ISP Connection 1,753  Nisar  03/28/2010 02:47PM 
Last Post by Nisar
ATmega32 programming through I2c 1,667  schmulke  03/16/2010 12:28PM 
Last Post by schmulke
Ponyprog needs a slow SPI for those who screwd up the fuse bits. Like me.... 12,089  14  joco  03/10/2010 11:15AM 
Last Post by blitzywitzy
Pic16f688 1,231  ferromodelix  03/09/2010 08:43AM 
Last Post by ferromodelix
Toner-Cartridge Chips 1,844  polo-g40  03/08/2010 10:48AM 
Last Post by polo-g40
i cannot write and erase on 24c08 4,464  noman75  03/08/2010 04:27AM 
Last Post by noman75
Bus busy or hardware error -11 6,276  lukaszmatu1976  03/04/2010 12:24AM 
Last Post by daz
ATtiny2313 and ATtiny45 under Linux 1,134  szal-44  02/28/2010 01:33PM 
Last Post by szal-44
AVR ATMEGA 8 SCRIPT 1,539  LEANDRO  02/17/2010 12:43AM 
Last Post by LEANDRO
Build the programmer 1,975  Egonar  02/12/2010 02:36PM 
Last Post by Egonar
pic16f84-how to program? 1,930  aminhosseiny  02/09/2010 05:28PM 
Last Post by samjoke
ATtiny85 1,600  mauro  02/05/2010 04:55PM 
Last Post by hariembryo
PonyProg & Winbond W29C011A-15 1,943  Aalexey  02/03/2010 07:06PM 
Last Post by Aalexey
jdm programmer & 24cxx eeprom schematic 5,195  chris2001net  02/02/2010 01:34AM 
Last Post by chris2001net
PonyProg 1,916  fernandogalha  02/01/2010 02:03AM 
Last Post by fernandogalha
'Device missing or unknown device -24' 2,233  bisuju  01/30/2010 08:37AM 
Last Post by bisuju
Initial Problem for writing program to Atmega 8 1,370  zainbingulam  01/21/2010 11:11AM 
Last Post by zainbingulam
I2C Slave address change 1,510  phonoplug  01/19/2010 12:26PM 
Last Post by phonoplug
Program failed(-44). 1,619  Mwakimani  01/19/2010 08:43AM 
Last Post by Mwakimani
help info 1,508  herryadul  01/18/2010 05:33PM 
Last Post by herryadul
2.07c with windows7 64 bit 8,035  methos  01/10/2010 11:23PM 
Last Post by Jaka57
Problem with ATmega8 2,761  zeevon  01/08/2010 11:02PM 
Last Post by afornwald
problem in programming of ATMega162v 1,447  amirhusain  01/08/2010 10:56PM 
Last Post by afornwald
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