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FT232R/H, FT2232D/H
Posted by: zambezi ()
Date: January 13, 2014 06:35PM

Is it possible to create port access wrapper for fast USB communication with these chips in synchronous bitbang mode ?

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Re: FT232R/H, FT2232D/H
Posted by: Carsten_J ()
Date: August 13, 2016 07:05PM


im postin a reply i made to an email reuest on a old post, hope it helps

Im amased this issue still ,generates interest more than 10 years after smiling smiley

First of you are never gonna get the FTDI232RL to work better than what i did back in 2006. That old generation
USB chips dident support bitbanging, and used many usb packet to write one bit. Thats why i took me 30 min to write an atmega30L.

back then i decided to use stkv500 protocol and build myself a small programmer with an atmega8 inbetween as a data buffer (to circumvent the problem).

but times has changed, the new generation ftdi chips called FT232HL, supports true bitbanging, and i think if you change my original design to this chip. It might just make full speed ponyprog programming possible. It just never had time to try this myself since, im using my stkv500 programmer.

i have uploaded the diagram for you, you can get it here https://postimg.org/image/3nv3dn3gb/

Hope it helps you.

Freindly greetings from Denmark

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