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Please add USBasp support
Posted by: chupo_cro ()
Date: April 29, 2015 03:00AM

Hi all,

please someone finally add the USBasp support to PonyProg.

I really like that little peece of SW and am using it with the 4-resistor parallel programmer connected to the desktop PC but I'd really like to use it with USBasp connected to the laptop.

I don't like AVRDUDE (with or without GUI) and I am sure there are many people (like me) who are using PonyProg for already many years and who'd be delighted to have the ability to use it with USBasp.

Maybe I am wrong but seems to me it would not be too much of a trouble to add the USB --> COM code for someone who is familiar with the source and I've seen many of you were already doing some patches to the code.


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