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Ponyprog via PCMCIA parallel port card [EX-1356]
Posted by: Marz ()
Date: April 24, 2007 03:27PM

God day,

I have the STK300 with the ATMega128. My Laptop has no serial o parallel ports; however it has the PCMCIA slot. In order to continue using ponyprog it was decided to get the PCMCIA parallel port card from EX-SYS [EX-1356] (www.exsys.ch).

I was able to install the card, and see the LPT port in the device manager (BTW, I’m using windows xp), unfortunately the port is being assigned at the 0xFDE8 address and the driver doesn’t have any option to reassign this address (I’m also talking to the people in the company for a solution in the driver), never the less the port works correctly in this address for other applications.

I’m trying to modify ponyprog.ini with the new address for the parallel ports, I also disabling the autodetectports.


Even with these changes, ponyprog keeps the LPT ports close in the interface setup window. If I leave the LPTPorts line blank by default ponyprog assigns 378, 278 and 3BC.

Does anybody know how to manually assign the LPT port beside this way?
What else could I try?

Thanks in advance for your time and answers.


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Re: Ponyprog via PCMCIA parallel port card [EX-1356]
Posted by: lancos ()
Date: April 27, 2007 05:13PM

Look this thread for the answer:

Your configuration is OK if the additional LPT port is named LPT1 and its address is FED8, but previously you talked about 0xFDE8.
If your pcmcia port is named for example LPT3 you need to specify the third address in the row.

You also need PonyProg 2.06g (not yet officially released)

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